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GuestQueue for Guest List Management
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An Easier Check-In Process

GuestQueue is the best guest list management software available. We specialize in guest lists, and guest lists only. No ticketing, no seating charts, just the fastest, easiest guest check-in around.

We know how important it is to get guests in the door quickly - especially on busy nights or during large events. The faster guests get through the line, the faster they’re inside and enjoying everything your club or event has to offer!

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Watch the video to see how GuestQueue streamlines your event organization, enhances the guest experience, and lets you focus on what matters most – creating unforgettable moments. Interested to find out more? Book your free demo now.

Fast Guest check-in

Checking guests into a nightclub or event has never been easier. All you have to do is find the name and tap a box. That’s it! Want to make it even faster? Use the code scanner and skip the search altogether!

GuestQueue Fast Check-in

Any Device, Any Time

GuestQueue works on any device - without having to download an additional app. It even works on multiple devices at the same time without slowing down the system! Smart phone, laptop, tablet, no matter what device you want to use, checking in your guests is always quick and easy.

GuestQueue Any Device

Personalized Guest Lists

Need guest lists for staff or promoters? Create personal lists for anyone - from the DJ to the club owner to the bartender - and keep track of who shows up. Lists can be public (so anyone can get on the list) or private (so only you or your staff can add names - perfect for those VIPs).

GuestQueue Guest Lists

GuestQueue made Live Nation Special Events 2019’s Top Event Planning Apps

Best guest check-in app
Easy to Use, No Matter Who’s At the Door

All guest names are in your account and easy to find - regardless of how many lists you have. Search by name, list, event, or simply scan a code to make checking guests in a breeze. Say good-bye to disorganized paper lists!

Targeted Messaging

When guests sign up or check-in, you have the chance to send targeted communication via email or text. Share offers, send reminders or invitations, or deliver personalized messages directly to your guests.

From Form to List, Automatically

Put our form on your website or Facebook page, and when guests sign up, their information syncs automatically to your account. That means no additional importing and no need to retype the entire list. All your guests’ names will be there, ready, and waiting for you.

Guest Lists Stay Up-to-date

No matter where you add a name or make a change, your guest lists will update automatically. Whenever you access your lists, you’ll always have the most accurate, up-to-date version.

Know When Guests check-in (or Out)

Want to know when VIPs sign up or arrive? You’ll get a text message or email notification when they register online or check-in (or out) at the venue.

Total Control of Your Guest Lists

Your GuestQueue account is totally customizable. Grant your staff access to lists, gather the information you need from guests, and customize your targeted messages, all from your account dashboard.

But that’s not all!

Pricing Plans

Whether you need to quickly & efficiently check-in guests on an ongoing basis - or for a one-time event - we’ve got pricing to fit any need. Want to see GuestQueue in action? Schedule a demo, or sign up for a free version to check out our check-in process.

Pay As You Go
Two or less events per month

Credits can be used across any event and never expire.

Credits are deducted when a guest is successfully added to an event.

Ditch the paper lists! Get people into the venue quickly! Start Using GuestQueue today!

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