Creating Guest Lists

  1. Login and go to Main Menu (under account name) Guest Lists / Create guest list
    • Type - select public or private
      • Public - A public guest list allows anyone to sign-up to the guest list externally. This guest list must be assigned to an event in order to allow guest access to that event sign-up.
        • These lists are visible outside for online guests to register. Guests can sign up by linking them to your GuestQueue links in
          Main Menu / Public Pages - Public Guest Lists Links tab
        • You can also embed this form into your web site by using the widget in Main Menu / Public Pages / Widget tab.
        • You can create a public assigned guest list. These users can add guests by using the My Guests List link. The user must have the Personal Guest List permission (Main Menu / Users / Edit).

      Please Note: Assigned Public Guest Lists will not display in your master public list. These need to be linked directly using the page link or widget code.

      • Private
        • Only visible in the Admin area.
        • You can add guests to these lists by going to Main Menu / Guests.
        • You can create a private assigned guest list. The user assigned to the guest list can add guests by using the My Guests link in the admin area. The user must have the Personal Guest List permission (Main Menu / Users / Edit).
    • Name – Name your guest list.
    • URL – A URL link is only provided in a public guest list. These links can be shared allowing guest to sign-up effortlessly.
    • Guest sign-up close time – Guest must sign up before assigned time on the day of the event.
    • Max guest entries – Set a limit of guest that can be added to the guest list.
    • Promo info – This information will be displayed to guest. This will help specify guest list rules or promotions.
    • Check box fields:
      • Active – Specify if guest list is accessible.
      • Assign to users - Select which users are allowed to access this guest list.
      • SMS notification allowed – Specify whether the assigned users should be allowed to receive SMS notifications.
      • Allowed days – Select what days guest are able to sign-up on. (Only if the event selection is set to dynamic in Main Menu / Event Settings)
    • Sign-up notification - This allows an employee such as a hostess to be notified when guest have signed-up. Guest can then be contacted through sign-up information provided.
      • SMS/Text - Enter mobile number (optional).
      • Email - Enter email (optional).

      Please Note: Multiple mobile numbers or emails can be entered by separating them using commas.