Getting Started

  1. Create an account ( )
    • Once you have created your account successfully you will receive an email.
    • Once confirmed you will be able to log in.

  2. Update your account (optional) by going to Main Menu / Edit Account
    • Create a URL for your account (click into account name and tab out). This will automatically try to use the account name to generate your URL.
    • Add an image for your account (Logo)
  3. Initial Set up - Create Venues, Guest Lists and Events
    • Create a Venue (Main Menu / Venues)
    • Create a Guest List (Main Menu / Guest Lists). Create a Guest List Public or Private
    • Create an Event (Main Menu / Events)
    • Make sure to select both your private and public guest lists
  4. Adding Guests
    • Add a guest (Main Menu / Guests)
    • Add guests using the add guest button
  5. Online Registration
    • Click on Main Menu / Public Pages
    • Here you will see links to your public guest lists (You can link directly to these)
    • You can also embed the form into your website by using the iframe.

For a detailed walk through watch our getting started video.