Creating Events

  1. Log in and go to Manage / Events / Create event
    • Name - Create a name for your event (optional)
    • Event start date & time - Select an event date and a time (required)
    • Event end date & time - Select an end date and a time (required)
    • Event sign-up open date & time - Select a date and time the sign-up form will be available for guests to be added to the event, Defaulted to current date and time (required)
    • Venue - Select the event venue (required)
    • Age Limit - Select the minimum age limit for guests (required)
    • Time Zone - Select event time zone, automatically set to account's time zone (required)
    • Description - Enter an event description (optional)
    • Terms - Enter preferred event terms, default terms are provided (required)
    • Active - Select if event is currently active, automatically selected (required)
    • Image - Attach an image related to the event (optional)
    • Guest Lists - Select which guest lists are available for this event (required)
Once you have submitted your form successfully, you should see your event in your events page.

Event Settings

Event settings are defaults used when a guest is added to an event that does not exist. The system will automatically create a new event using the following settings, which will allow you to add guests freely.

  1. Go to Manage / Event Settings
  2. Go to Manage / Events / Event Settings
    • Event selections - Select predefined or dynamic
      • Predefined - The user will have to select an event date based on predefined events that you create.
      • Dynamic - The guest can select any date using a calendar (Up to 12 months in advance). Choose dynamic if your events occur on the same day every week.
    • Months in advanced - Select how far in advance a guest can sign up. Only available in a dynamic event setting
    • Age limit - Select a default age limit
    • Day of the week - Define your days and hours of operation.