Creating Events

  1. Login ( ) and go to Main Menu (under account name) Events / Create a new Event
    • Event Date - Select an event date (required)
    • Sign up / Event Open Date/Time - Date and time the sign up form will be available for guests to be added to the event (Default the current date and time). (required)
    • Check-in Close Date/Time - Date and time that the check-in form will be available for users to check in guests (required)
    • Venue - Select the event venue (required)
    • Age Limit - Select the minimum age limit for guests (required)
    • Time Zone - Select event time zone (defaulted to the accounts time zone) (required)
    • Event Description - Enter an event description (optional)
    • Terms - Event terms (required)
    • Active - Whether or not to have the event active (Default always checked)
    • Image - Attach an image related to the event (optional)
    • Guest Lists - Select which guest lists are available for this event (required)

Once you have submitted your form successfully, you should see your event in your events page.