Assign a Guest List

Assigning users to a guest lists allows account admin to give other account users access to private or public guest lists.

Before being able to assign a guest list to a user, an account admin must first have a user and a guest list created.

  1. Refer to Creating Users help form

  2. Refer to Creating Guest Lists help form

Selecting Permissions:

  • Personal Guest List permission allows a user to add guest to their own guest list. Guestlist should be named accordingly to indicate it is a personal guest list and be assigned to a specific user. Guest list can be assigned to an existing event or a new event.
GuestQueue Any Device

Assigning User to a Guest List:

A user can be assigned while creating a new guest list or if a guest list has already been created.

  • Go to Manage / Guest Lists
  • From the guest lists displayed on your screen select a guest list you would like to assign new users to
  • Select the icon at the end of the row and select Edit
  • Under "Assign to users" select users to access this guest lists and Save
GuestQueue Any Device

Please Note: If event settings are set to predefined, personal guest list must be assigned to an event.