Adding Guests

The guest form is completely customizable. Go to Manage / Customize Guest Form to customize the form.

  1. Log in and go to Guests / Add guest
    • Guest List - Select a guest list (required)
    • Venue - Select a venue (required)
    • Event Date - Select an event date (required)
    • Please Note: Guest List, Venue, and Event date will only be required if you select “Other event” or no events are available.

    • Email - Enter guest’s email (optional)
    • Please Note: A check box is found next to the email. This check box is automatically selected. Guest will receive an email confirmation unless unselected.

    • First Name - Enter guest’s first name (required)
    • Last Name - Enter guest’s last name (required)
    • Plus Guest - Enter the amount of extra guest that can arrive (required)
    • Note - Enter a note for the door manager to reference (optional)
    • Check-in Notifications - Is a great feature which allows an employee such as a hostess to be notified when the guest has checked-in.
      • SMS/Text - Enter mobile number (optional)
      • Email - Enter email (optional).

      Please Note: Multiple mobile numbers or emails can be entered by separating using commas.

Once you have submitted your form successfully, you should see your guests in your guests page as well as in your reports page when you filter by the selected date.